Design for Manufacture

Sales Engineering

Joy Raduenz

Jones Metal Products' sales staff will work with you to develop accurate, well thought out project estimates and plans. Highly qualified and skilled staff has the insight and knowledge to review ideas, structural drawings, specifications and requirements, and provide valuable feedback. Jones Metal Products employs lean manufacturing principals and programs such as Kan Ban and Supermarket to ensure high quality service levels for all customers. In addition, JMP can help coordinate with outside service vendors to provide an even broader range capabilities.

MFG Project Engineering

MFG Project Engineering

With the integration of many years of experience in process knowledge and application of modern engineering technologies, Jones Metal Products' engineering team strives to meet and exceed customer expectations. JMP utilizes the latest in solid modeling and machine utilization software to develop and design for the best manufacturing processes.

Design for manufacturing and concurrent engineering are methodologies that create value for JMP customers. Early consideration of manufacturing issues shortens process development time, minimizes costs and insures a smooth transition into production. Quality can be designed in with optimal part development and integration of the wide variety of manufacturing technologies and capabilities at Jones Metal Products.

MFG Process Engineering

MFG Process Engineering MFG Process Engineering

Jones Metal Products strives to be a customer-centric company. To achieve the best value for its customers, JMP continually works to improve its processes. From employing the latest technology to incorporating new equipment, JMP’s weld engineers are open to all internal and external suggestions.

This ultimately results in a better product, built to exact specification and efficiently produced. In addition, process evaluation and enhancement creates a cleaner and safer working environment for all Jones Metal Products employees.

MFG Process Development

Jones Metal Products Laser Team

Whether your project begins as just a simple idea or comes with a full print spec, Jones Metal Products is ready to put the pieces in place to bring your product to completion. JMP will assess your project to see how it will integrate with their existing processes and manufacturing solutions. JMP will work with outside vendors if necessary for specialized services and consult with your engineers to ensure the final product meets expectations and specifications.

Jones Metal Products can develop specialized tooling such as custom dies, weld processes and specialized gauges, to meet your specifications and design parameters, as well to ensure that the project is being produced in the most efficient way possible