Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Jones Metal Inc. has been serving the business to business metal fabrication space for over 75 years and is a leading provider of sheet metal fabrication. We aim to create world-class products that meet any need.

When it comes to metal fabrication using mild steel, our team has the experience and knowledge. We are dedicated to creating your company’s vision in an effective manner.

Advantages of Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mild steel, or low carbon steel, has a high resistance to breakage, making it a great choice of steel for certain applications. Instead of cracking, mild steel will bend which makes forming this material much easier and staying malleable even at colder temperatures.

Additional advantages of mild steel include:

  • Magnetic
  • Strong
  • Ductile

Applications of Mild Steel

Due to both its malleability and ductility, mild steel is often used in a range of industries from construction equipment to automation equipment. Mild steel metal fabrication requests are common among construction companies.

Jones Metal Inc. Services

Jones Metal offers a range of metal fabricating services from laser cutting, waterjet cutting, press brake and roll forming, machining, to punch pressing, spot welding, manual & robotic welding, tube bending and cutting, and paint for mild steel.

We value every customer’s needs producing orders on time by implementing best-management practices, such as Six Sigma,5-S, A-3, Kanban, Kaizen, and Supermarket, to shorten lead times and reduce waste.

Quality Assured

Being ISO certified means we are committed to the quality of the services we provide. Our customers trust us to help create what they envision to be the perfect product from the design phase to final production.

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