Precision Machining

Ensuring Precision and Quality

Jones Metal uses CNC machine manufacturing to create unique products with precision, quality and consistency from a variety of materials including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and plastic. Our equipment not only helps us deliver accuracy, it also allows us to produce orders of nearly any size for partners across several industries.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we ensure quality is integrated in the machining process. Our expert team manages every step to create products to fulfill your expectations.


Jones Metal uses two Haas Gantry Routers, three Okuma Genos M560 VMC machines, and MasterCam software to machine custom components. MasterCam gives us agility allowing us to run programs across all machine platforms. This flexibility allows us to be efficient with costs and maximize quality to meet partner specifications.

Jones Metal CNC ServiceHaas GR-510 Gantry Router
Working Range: 121″ X 61″ X 11″ (X-Y-Z)
Spindle: 5,000 RPM

Haas GN-2 Gantry Mill
Working Range: 145″ X 87.5″ X 22″ (X-Y-Z)
Spindle: 10,000 RPM

Okuma GENOS M560 VMC
Working Range: 51″ X 22″ X 18″ (X-Y-Z)
Spindle: 8,000 RPM

(2) Okuma GENOS M560 VMC
Working Range: 51″ X 22″ X 18″ (X-Y-Z)
Spindle: 15,000 RPM