Press Brake & Roll Forming Services

Jones Metal Inc. provides press brake and roll forming services for a range of industries from power generation, military, construction equipment, commercial and industrial equipment, to automation equipment. The CNC on our brake presses and rollers ensures repeatable projects for our customers.

Press Brake Forming Machines

The process of press brake forming increases efficiency and produces significantly more bends than years past. With the latest technology, Jones Metal Inc. can create bends faster and more accurately for our customers. Our team can help design and fabricate high quality custom parts to meet your specific requirements and tolerances for a variety of materials, such as:


Each of our machines has a backup capability to be compatible with other types of equipment using the European and standard tooling method. Our press brake forming machines are capable of producing precise bend parts from sheets of various metals, ranging in size up to 80″ X 160″, creating a wide variety of angles, including hemming.

Press Brake Forming Equipment Equipment Specifications
Trumpf B5320 Axis: 8
Tonnage: 353
Bed Length: 174″ (14.5′)
Open Height: 24.000″
Max Back Gauge Distance: 34.000″
Trumpf V850 Axis: 8
Tonnage: 90
Bed Length: 84″ (7′)
Open Height: 15.250″
Trumpf V320 Axis: 8
Tonnage: 350
Bed Length: 156″ (13′)
Open Height: 20.750″
Max Back Gauge Distance: 33.800″
Cincinati 350T Axis: 4
Tonnage: 350
Bed Length: 168″ (14′)
Open Height: 19.500″
Cincinati 90T Axis: 2
Tonnage: 90
Bed Length: 120″ (10′)
Open Height: 17.375″

Roll Forming Machines

Jones Metal Inc. uses the Roundo Pass and Americor roll forming machines that utilizes four roll forms to virtually eliminate flat spots from sheet metal. With our two roll forming systems, we provide roll forming services to meet your manufacturing specifications for a variety of materials, including:


Roll Forming Machines

Equipment Specifications

Roundo Pass-310 Roller

Rolls: 4
Capacity: 10′ x .625″


Rolls: 4
Capacity: 5′ X .25″

Quality Assurance

Our experienced engineering team provides press brake forming and roll forming services to our clients’ in the Minnesota area and nationwide, supported by our company-wide commitment to qualtiy and custmer satisfaction. Jones Metal Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and proud to manufacture high quality press brake formed and roll formed parts that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

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